¡Hola! This is Pucalpa.
We are an object oriented practice.

Our backgrounds in contemporary art, critical theory and visual communication come together in the things we make. For us, history and architecture belong to the same fluid material, just like space-time. We can't understand one without the other.

As a brand we produce furniture and accesories in limited editions. We are interested in the recovery of long-forgotten crafts, ancient tongues, old scrolls and arcane wonders. We want to update the profound experience of living with things through our contemporary domestic products.

As a design practice we approach every project attending to the specific narrative; engaging with the actors involved. We provide a comprehensive service that spans from interior design to print and digital solutions, always with an eye on the cultural and contemporary art sector.

Carlos Fernández-Pello is the head of the studio.
Teresa Fernández is the junior product designer.

Previous collaborators:
Teresa Solar Abboud
Rocío Ballesteros